Mary Byrne Hoffmann

photo-4San Diego
Mary Byrne Hoffmann, M.Div. is a graduate of Union Theology Seminary (New York City) with certifications in spiritual direction, wellness education, and dream work. In response to the needs of the spiritual pilgrims that she has met in her 20 years of interfaith ministry, her practice of spiritual direction has deepened to embrace a holistic approach that engages the wisdom of mind, body and spirit. In addition, Mary Byrne offers direction to people who are experiencing the blessings and the challenges of retirement. Re-imagining this time of life as “refirement,” Mary Byrne encourages of prayerful and playful embrace of the spiritual gifts of these precious years.
Mary Byrne is also the founder and director of Breathing Space, a community outreach program offering wellness practices and education to people who are suffering from trauma. She is a chaplain at Fr. Joe’s Village and a facilitator of retreats and workshops around the country.
Mary Byrne welcomes all who yearn for Divine Presence in their lives regardless of their faith tradition or spiritual practice.